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Wall-to-wall carpet in your home creates a warm, cozy feel, and increases you and your family's comfort and safety. As a central feature in your home, carpets see a lot of action and require regular up-keep to maintain its overall cleanliness, comfort and appearance.
Carpets can hide lots of allergens, pet dander and dirt which even regular cleaning cannot remove. Periodic professional, heavier duty cleaning is necessary to ensure prevention of such build-up which is mostly hidden - therefore do not wait for your carpet to look dirty.

Carpet Care Services

We do it all! Coffee, tea, soda, lipstick stains, wine stains, pet stains and more...  When you encounter that situation which you know that your deodorizer will only mask the offensive odor and not remove it, or the stain that is beyond your home remedies, you should call a professional. We have experienced more than you can imagine, and while we can proudly say that it is routine for us, it does sometimes look like a miracle to our grateful clients.

Your cleaning and caring for your upholstered furniture will retain the look that made you fall in love with it in the first place and have all your upholstery looking its best for a long time.
Professional cleaning of your upholstered furniture every couple of years or so will ensure not only the health of your furniture but also that of your family and home. You should have this done on a regular basis and not wait for it to get visibly dirty.

For a complete list of services, please call or contact us!

• Truck Mounted Steam Unit

• Pet Odor Removal

• Upholstery Cleaning

• Water Removal

• Repair - Re-Stretching

• Scotchgaurd Protection

​• Complete Janitorial Service